Thursday, January 8, 2015

The new year starts with felting!

Each Year, I try to use the days between Christmas and New Year for creating new ideas, and this time, I managed to take a new path and started felting - which means a lot of new ideas, a lot of wool, water and soap, a lot of raw fingers and a hurting back ;) But most of all a lot of contentment and the possibility to learn something new about my favourite material - wool. I try to make my felted objects as light and soft als my knitting.
Here is one of my first photographed finished projects - a pair of wool white arm warmers.
The Etsy Germany Street Team has introduced monthly challenges now, and since I was appointed to be one of the leaders, I try to take an active part - so here's my contribution to this month's theme Winter White.
Find the team blog here if you want to have a look ;)


  1. Very pretty, Emma! I love the ethereal feel of your wrist cuffs!
    Thanks for taking part in the January challenge :)

  2. Thank you, Duni and Kate! Taking a good picture is nearly as difficult as making a beautiful wrist cuff :)