Monday, November 24, 2014

Vintage and Wool are moving

After years of moving boxes and baskets from here to there, hoping to gain more space by rearranging the furniture, my whole studio is moving. Finally!
Finally? Yes, I've found this room months ago but it wasn't for rent. But I found out that I can be very persistent if there is something that I really want to have. And I wanted this room. For several reasons: It's big enough for me, my yarns, my vintage, my everything. It is located in a house with some other artists, but I have my own entrance - so there are neighbours nearby but I still can hear my own thoughts ;) And the house is located in a small village only a few kilometers from here, Berlin's  suburbs, that was founded by Frederick the Great (Frederick II, king of Prussia). He invited families from Southern Germany to live there, building them houses on parcels of land, all of similar size, big enough to provide for a Family. The women were spinning and dying the yarns and fabrics for his uniforms, the men were allowed to do what they want for their living, a lot of them worked with wood. The land is still there, some of the houses, too - and this is one of these properties. And I managed to get a room on a parcel of land Frederick II created for his Spinners and dyers, and I move in with my spinning wheels and yarn. Isn't that just perfect?

More beautiful in summer when roses and lavender are in full bloom

Inside - still empty. Nearly. But I'm sure I can change this ;)

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