Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Knitting project I this year: embroidered sweater 40's/50's style

Did I mention that I'm not only a collector of things, but also a knitter? I do that for a living (yes, this is possible ...). Mostly, a new design comes with a custom order. Someone asks: I'd like to have a sweater 40's style, in this or that color and with long/short/puffed ... sleeves - can you do that? So I start thinking and drawing and try to make something from sketch. But sometimes - sometimes! - I manage to find a bit of time and do something for myself, something I dreamed of for a long time ... And I did that now :)
As always, my knitting is inspired by period knitwear or by fashion history in general. I'm knitting everyday and always work on several projects at the same time. And besides all the sweaters and stoles and scarves for my cherished customers, this one is something I want to wear:

the pics are from a German Magazine from the early 1950's - you still see the 40's here. None of these two magazines still has the pattern instructions inside so there are images and inspiration only. I love embroidered knitwear and try to work something with embroidery in the same color as the knitting.



It will be a sweater in a mint color - and I'm not quite sure about the sleeves: short and a bit puffed or a bit longer and not puffed  - or long sleeves since I'm not sure that I want to wear a woolen sweater with short sleeves (either I feel cold and need a long sleeved sweater or it's hot outside and I need no sweater at all .... ) So the sleeves will come later ....




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