Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vintage everywhere - 80's knitwear 50's style - or 20's

The 80's are back. How is that I know that? Because the very young wear 80's sweaters and fancy about shoulder pads. They were born in a later decade. Most people my age are shivering at this thought. I don't. Well, I always loved the 80's. Imagine: I was young in those days and I still love the 80's. Okay - not necessarily the hairstyle. All this fuzzy hair around the head - no, not for me again. To my defence I have to say that I love most decade's fashion. Maybe that's because I have the historian's view. Fashion always reflects so many cultural and social aspects that every era is interesting enough.
Anyway - some time ago I started collecting 80's magazines. I already owned some, but when I browsed through these knitting magazines I fell in love with the sweaters again. The bold color-and-pattern mixtures and the craftmanship are astonishing. And I did remember that the 80's somehow revived the 50's (vintage is everywhere, always!) - have a look:


But what I didn't remember anymore were the 20's in here. Please be so kind and have a look at this pic - don't you see it, too? The hairstyle, the white, pleated skirt - this is pure Bonnie and Clyde or Great Gatsby or British Garden Party.

Anyway - the Sweaters. I love them. Still. Or again. And I hope to find the time to knit one before springtime is over.



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