Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Typewriters - secret love

I love vintage things. Especially fashion. Mid century dresses are my favourites. So female, so beautiful - and so far from the Jeans-and-Shirt-style we are wearing on an ordinary working day.
To give you an impression: I chose this one for the day my daughter finished school:

But I'm not only this delicate creature. I have a love for more practical things, too. Typewriters, for example. Vintage mechanical typewriters.
The whole thing started when my daughter wanted a typewriter for her creative work. Writing on a typewriter makes one-of-a-kind things, directly, with pressure and ink and an imprint on a piece of paper. So we started searching for a typewriter. She stopped when she found the one she needed. I didn't stop. I was hooked. The thing is - I learned to type on one of these mechanical typewriters in an era when no one I knew ever thought of things like laptops. And when I say I learned to type I mean exactly that - I learned to use all my ten fingers as fast as possible on the keys, so we spent many, many hours together, the heavy mechanical typewriter my parents owned and I. But - no one told me that there where some outside that weren't boring beige or gruesome grey. But fiery red, blue, green or - imagine this! - two-coloured. How bright my Sunday mornings could have been had I known this! But it wasn't too late - I could still have a pretty coloured typewriter and try to type. So I started to collect them. And found some beauties. And some more. So I have to sell some from time to time. To make room for another one. Do you need an example? More than one? These are my all time favourites:

 And this is my latest find: A wonderful Halda, like new, even if it was made in the 50's. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway used one of these during his stay in Europe. Not this one. It came to me from the original owner. It's perfect, isn't it?

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