Monday, March 31, 2014

costume design or my humble contribution to the great big world of cinema or theatre

Living in Berlin has numerous advantages, one of those is to get easily in touch with other creative people - namely in the movie or theatre business. Remember - Babelsberg is nearby. So no - I'm not a costume designer but I had the pleasure to work for some. It is, to be honest, a funny way to work and completely different from what I do normally. Let me give you an example: When someone orders a custom-made sweater in the - let's say - popular 40's style it has to look fresh, new, unused - and it is all of this, of course, since it is custom made! - and if nothing extraordinary happens it is made for eternity - means, it could be worn for years.
A sweater for a movie project usually mustn't look new but more like a well-loved and well-worn thing with a kind of patina that lends authenticity to the story - we don't always wear new shoes, trousers or coats on the street, don't we? Our most loved sweater might have some loose threads here and there or a tiny spot from yesterday's chocolate that is barely visible - that's the look that is needed for a well narrated story, right!
And - this sweater wouldn't be worn for years - it is made for one actor or actress and only for this project. With luck, it finds its way to a costume stock and will be worn by some extras later - but probably never again in a leading role or maybe never again altogether. Poor thing  (sigh ...) Anyway ....
There are some stories in here but since the Elly Beinhorn movie was on the TV yesterday let me stick to that. I always have a bit of a heart throb since I never know which part of my work will be seen in the finished project. Maybe a scene with my item is cut, shortened or deleted completely from the film. So I was glad to see that my sweater had a kind of leading role,  nearly everytime Elly was shown in her plane  - see her in her little aircraft and sneek a peak on the sleeve :) - and my crocheted 30's hat was seen in an important scene when the leading actors met for the first time. Lucky me! A little bit more about research and knitting in the next post ....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Elly Beinhorn or my love for Vintage Knitting on the TV

I am in the TV. Not today, but tomorrow. And actually - it isn't me. But some of my knitting. Yeah!
Last year, a costume designer for whom I already worked before contacted me. A TV-Movie was on the way, about Elly Beinhorn, a then-so-very-famous female German pilot from the 1930's - and I was asked to do some research and make some knitting.
I already knew Elly's Story - I am not only a vintage lover but also a reader of biographical books and, yes, maybe this is the right time to confess - I have a degree in historical sciences. Means, I know some stories from the past.
For those who never stumbled upon former charismatic sport stars:
Elly Beinhorn was one of the first female air women worldwide. She received her pilot's license in 1929, made it to Africa, Australia and all around the world, set one record after the other. Her popularity increased even more when she married race driver icon Bernd Rosemeyer in 1936. Their story reached a tragic peak when Bernd died in his car in an attempt to set up a new speed record barely a year later and left her widowed with a new born baby.
Anyway - here's the Trailer - and there's more to come from me about working for the movies :)
my personal copy of her biography

photo from the book: Elly as a Young girl

the famous Pilot - mind the hat: I had to copy that ....

Young Bernd with his baby son shortly before his death

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody, my name is Emma and I am a knitting addict. And a vintage addict. Which is, in my case, quite the same. I am knitting vintage things, vintage inspired things and everything in between. And I am collecting vintage patterns, collecting vintage things, selling one of them from time to time and decided some time ago to combine all this with my need to write and - here we are!

I live in Berlin, which is, yes, the Capital City of Germany and likewise the middle of nowhere since we are surrounded by the most pastoral rural landscape northern Germany has to offer. So don't be surprised if you find typical metropolitan things here and so very romantic country style beauties. I love them both and that's probably the reason why I don't live in the City Center but in one of the more small-town-style areas at the edge of town.

These are the most basic parts about me and my reasons for starting this blog - please allow me one more sentence about the language: I decided to write in English because I met so many gorgeous English-speaking people during my work and humbly hope to share the vintage love with some of them. But I am not a native speaker so surely there will be a Lapsus linguae from time to time. Please ignore that. Or better yet - send me a short note so that I get the chance to learn and improve.
One of my eldest magazines - from 1927

Typical 20's style, isn't it? Straight form up to the hips

Some crochet for our little one's - hope they loved it ;)

And still so very 'Gruenderzeit' interior ....