Monday, November 24, 2014

Vintage and Wool are moving

After years of moving boxes and baskets from here to there, hoping to gain more space by rearranging the furniture, my whole studio is moving. Finally!
Finally? Yes, I've found this room months ago but it wasn't for rent. But I found out that I can be very persistent if there is something that I really want to have. And I wanted this room. For several reasons: It's big enough for me, my yarns, my vintage, my everything. It is located in a house with some other artists, but I have my own entrance - so there are neighbours nearby but I still can hear my own thoughts ;) And the house is located in a small village only a few kilometers from here, Berlin's  suburbs, that was founded by Frederick the Great (Frederick II, king of Prussia). He invited families from Southern Germany to live there, building them houses on parcels of land, all of similar size, big enough to provide for a Family. The women were spinning and dying the yarns and fabrics for his uniforms, the men were allowed to do what they want for their living, a lot of them worked with wood. The land is still there, some of the houses, too - and this is one of these properties. And I managed to get a room on a parcel of land Frederick II created for his Spinners and dyers, and I move in with my spinning wheels and yarn. Isn't that just perfect?

More beautiful in summer when roses and lavender are in full bloom

Inside - still empty. Nearly. But I'm sure I can change this ;)

Monday, November 17, 2014

home town's thrift shop

After my parents passed away - my dad died last year, all of a sudden, only three days after I came back from a journey to Australia - I only rarely visit my home town. It became more difficult to stay for more than one or two nights since my parents' house doesn't exist anymore. But I still keep coming back three or four times a year, visiting the cemetery, some beloved members of the family - and the only existing local thrift store. And have a look on what I found this time. Vintage mid century home decor in a perfect condition.
Schumann Arzberg plates, still in the original cardbord box.
A set of 6 coasters. Tennis Rackets made from Wood and cork.

Two vases, Jasba, made in Germany. Greenish and Gold.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage home decor right from the 60's

When I went through my fabrics yesterday I felt kind of sad. It's a funny thing about unused vintage items. They were made decades ago but never found their way to fulfill their function. I own a lot of those things. Beautiful lace from a manufactury that closed down a long time ago, still labelled and like new. Shirts for  men from the early 70's - so small and slender that you know at once how different people looked 40 years ago when they were neither overweight nor athletically trained like the average young men of today. And fabrics - did I mention the fabrics? I got a lot of fabrics from some shops that closed down years and years ago - still on the bale, still labelled, unused. Whenever I see one of them I add it to the wall papers or small furnitures I own and see the whole home decor from another era. And then they come to life - obviously it's not too late for them to find a purpose.


Wallpaper with matching deco fabric - roses everywhere - I love this romantic things. When I was a Little Girl I had a wallpaper like this in my room. And I would have loved curtains like this :)

A wall paper with a millefleur design - since it is Brown and White only it Looks great with a colorful flower print fabric like the one below.

This pair was made for each other even if they never met before - only in my Studio for a short time. The fabric above and the wall paper below. And there are some tiles, too ....



Speaking of tiles - this fabric and the tiles below and I'd have a garden inside ...


Friday, July 11, 2014

Vintage inspired knitting - 50's short sleeved jumper

Okay, I started to knit this sweater some time ago ... but since I always work on many projects at the same time I'm always glad when I acutally manage to finish something that isn't a custom order or has to be made for a special date. So I proudly present: the Mint Jumper! (announced here: http://www.berlinvintagelover.blogspot.de/2014/05/knitting-project-i-this-year.html)
I have a soft spot for knitting with embroidery, and mostly I use contrasting colors. This is my first try with tone-in-tone embroidery, and in general, I like it. The Jumper is only a kind of protoype. It's handknitted since for me it's easier to test the best fitting when I knit by hand, but pattern and yarn are suitable for the machine, too, and then the stitches will come out tighter and more regular. The color is a bit too pale for me but it has a beautiful look with the pleated white skirt - and I have the matching shoes for this style, too ;)


 And these shoes will look great with the pleated white skirt and the mint colored jumper:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Find of the week - Getroedelt - gefunden - gefreut: another magazine

This is another magazine in addition to the I-don't-know-how-many-exactly I already own. There is no date on this one but from the style I think it might be from the early 50's and it's published by the 'Verlag fuer die Frau'.
It is not any usual Fashion and Knitwear Magazine but has a theme: eyelet pattern for knitting and crochet. I purchased this one item but at home I found out there are some pages of another one inside so actually these are two fragments instead of one whole thing.

I haven't photographed everything from the inside but there are some beautiful cardigans in there. What I like most are the women here - no idealized models with perfect but sterile faces but natural beauties.

See this girl here ->
Such a pretty smile --- but ....

... this is the one design I don't like at all - look at the rectangular edge above. I don't think I want to wear something which accentuates the bust in a way this sweater does!

This one is more interesting. I've never seen a sweater like the one on the left before in any of my 50's magazines. But I love the one on the right even more:
I don't know how many magazines and books about fashion history in general and especially knitted fashion I own now but they fill some rows on the wall in my studio. But I still find some new designs I didn't know before from the era between 1920 and the mid-eighties. It seems that there still is a whole world of fashion to discover!




Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Made in Berlin

A rare find - some time ago I stumbled upon a low table - probably once used as a plant stand - with a mosaic pattern on the table top. A real mosaic - glass stones in stunning bright colors: a kind of apricot with black and white accents. Most of those tables I met before had some damages from water, but this one is in a stunning condition - no signs of age and only a bit of dust. To be honest, I always thought these mosaic things were homemade. But on this one I found a label below the top with the name and address of the maker -  a crafter's studio in Berlin-Heinersdorf - which not only means that this is an original from mid century Berlin, but also that it was made just around the corner from my home. What a find!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Find of the week - mid century modern tripod table with a chess board

I was looking for a tripod table for a long time, but either they were much too expensive or in no good condition - and water marks are not so easy to restore. This was a lucky find - okay, it's not in an excellent condition, but it doesn't have any water marks - and it has this pretty tabletop with a chessboard in it. So I'm willing to overlook the scratches and the missing leg cuff - or however those brass things are called, I don't even know a word for this in German ... it still is pretty!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mani d'Oro - Italy in the 60's

Here are some more of my ten magazines. I didn't take Pictures of everything, just enough to give you an Impression. I never had Italian Magazines before, and even if I don't understand every detail - I learned Italian long ago but rarely used it so I forgot a lot of it - it's interesting to see the style of home decor and Fashion in the southern part of Europe -

Monday, June 9, 2014

mani d'oro - golden hands in crafting or Rome in the 60's

It's definitely hot today - and no, not too hot for knitting, but too hot for knitting without a break every now and then since the yarn tends to stick on my fingers ... time to do some writing and Show some photos ...
Remember that I mentioned Rome in April some weeks ago? The antique market there was disapppointing - except one stall with books and magazines. And I discovered 'Mani d'Oro' - 'Golden Hands', an italian Magazine from 1967 - and bought all issues I could carry. 10. They are full of beautiful photos, from home decor (have you ever seen Italian home decor from the mid 60's?) to knitted Fashion. I tried my best to take pics from the covers and from some things from the inside - and start to present them here from today on ....






Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Knitting project I this year: embroidered sweater 40's/50's style

Did I mention that I'm not only a collector of things, but also a knitter? I do that for a living (yes, this is possible ...). Mostly, a new design comes with a custom order. Someone asks: I'd like to have a sweater 40's style, in this or that color and with long/short/puffed ... sleeves - can you do that? So I start thinking and drawing and try to make something from sketch. But sometimes - sometimes! - I manage to find a bit of time and do something for myself, something I dreamed of for a long time ... And I did that now :)
As always, my knitting is inspired by period knitwear or by fashion history in general. I'm knitting everyday and always work on several projects at the same time. And besides all the sweaters and stoles and scarves for my cherished customers, this one is something I want to wear:

the pics are from a German Magazine from the early 1950's - you still see the 40's here. None of these two magazines still has the pattern instructions inside so there are images and inspiration only. I love embroidered knitwear and try to work something with embroidery in the same color as the knitting.



It will be a sweater in a mint color - and I'm not quite sure about the sleeves: short and a bit puffed or a bit longer and not puffed  - or long sleeves since I'm not sure that I want to wear a woolen sweater with short sleeves (either I feel cold and need a long sleeved sweater or it's hot outside and I need no sweater at all .... ) So the sleeves will come later ....




Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pre WWII patterns - 30's and 40's knit and sew magazines

A few days ago I found these magazines online, by accident - and hesitated to buy them. The images and the description were poor so I wasn't sure if they were worth the price - they weren't expensive but the date and the content were difficult to tell. But since I am who I am I took the risk, yesterday, they arrived in my letterbox - and I was as happy as a vintage fashion Lover and knitter could be :).
I already own a lot (and I mean a lot ...) of magazines from the 1950's to the 70's - but the pre WWII era and the 40's are still a nearly empty space on my shelves. I'm so glad this has changed now. And even better: Two of the magazines are from Berlin!!
Here are the first pictures:

from the 30's

from the 30's, too. and this will be an inspiration for one of my next knitting Projects.
 This one is from 1946 - a Magazine from Berlin, and here are some of the pics from inside:


This one is from Berlin, too, and from 1947:

and two pages from the inside:

And this one is one page only, no date here, but 40's style: